Those Darn Cats
Monthly Disney fan ramblings from a couple of irreverent and occasionally off-color, middle-aged chicks.

This week, we talk about Tomorrowland - is your glass half full or half empty?

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TDC #345: Potpourri

We discuss a variety of Disney-related topics, and take a tangent or two.

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TDC #347: Princess' Evolution

Jennifer's working on a panel she *hopes* will be accepted by ConnectiCon, about the evolution of Disney princesses. We talk about that, and she puts in a plug for joining her staff in the ConnectiCon Screenings department.

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This week, we review news from past shows and catch up. Lisa wants to apolgize in advance. She *may* be unreasonable.....

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This week, the Cats SPOIL Avengers- Age of Ultron. WE SPOIL IT, YOU HEAR ME? Come back ater after you've seen it if you seek a non spoiler-y review!

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