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TDC#114 The Planning Session Episode

This week's show features a recap of Trace and Lisa's recent wedding planning session at WDW.

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TDC #113: Toy Story 3 Redux

Now that Lisa and Trace have seen Toy Story 3, it's time to rehash a little further. 

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TDC #112: Prince Charming Carousel

What better way to celebrate Bastille Day than by listening to odds and ends of Disneyland Paris audio? First, though, we have a few words about the re-naming and new backstory for Prince Charming Carousel in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Parents, be warned!

More show notes and discussion will no doubt erupt over at our blog,

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TDC# 111 Parisian Pirates on Parade!

On this weeks show, audio form DLP's POTC! Enjoy!

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