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Monthly Disney fan ramblings from a couple of irreverent and occasionally off-color, middle-aged chicks.
TDC #72: Animagique! For show notes and discussion, please visit .
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TDC#71 Those Skurvy Monkeys & Voicemail Show Design and Monkey kick off the show with a review of D23, then the Cats review recent listener feedback and poetry read by Jeff Wasowski. Check out all the links and discussion at
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TDC #70: How to Not Suck at Disneyland Paris For show notes and discussion, please visit .
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TDC# 69 Talking to Rich We hear about a very different type of "owner's locker", rev up for future TDC episodes about Jennifer's trip with a Phantom Manor ride-thru and finish with The Dan Band.
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TDC# 68 More D23 Mishaps, In the Mode Join us this week for a discussion of D23 mishaps (MONORAOIL FAIL!), greetings froman unnamed TDC listener in Texas, a new segment on Fashion and Disney, and a wee bit of singing from a couple of monkeys. Enjoy!
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