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TDC #342: Weird Disney News

Constantine joins Jennifer again, this time to discuss several weird news stories about Disney from recent weeks:

  • Woman brings a tiger to Magic Kingdom
  • Pigs with Disney tattoos
  • Disturbing unauthorized theme games
  • Woman allegedly implanted with a Disney chip
  • TSA teaches Disney about security
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TDC #341: The Wind Rises

This week, Jennifer's husband Constantine tells us about the latest and final film by Hayao Miyazaki, The Wind Rises. Roxxy snores a bit in the background, so she's in the album art this week.

Also, Jennifer's set up an auto-publish from our podcast host (libsyn) to our blog host (WordPress), so if this all works, show notes are gonna look a little different. If it doesn't work . . . . WHO KNOWS what could even happen? Magic? Mayhem?

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Jennifer is going to (welcome home!) Boston Anime dressed as a bear and Trader Sam's is open (and seems small).

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This week we discuss Grey's Anatomy in an adult fashion.

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