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Welcome everyone to our final show of the year! We talk about current an upcoming movies - Ralph Wrecks The Internet and trailers. We attempt to think of a few Disney Company resolutions, and there’s a lot of holiday music included..... AND MY OWN LITTLE “RIC ROLL” TO JENNIFER heeheeeheeeheee


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year everyone!

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We finish reporting back on our Walt Disney World trip in October, 2018.

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It’s an on-property, round table review of MNSSHP with Jennifer, Lisa, Michelle from the Mitten and special guest, Josh!

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This is an exhaustive journey into the minds of three friends trying to consolidate their trip planning - and a good review of a recent cruise and DL visit by good FOTS Michelle from the Mitten!

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Jennifer and Lizi chat with Benjamin Lancaster about his upcoming film, The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head.

Watch the trailer:

Buy tickets for the Santa Cruz showing 10/6/2018:

Buy tickets for the Orlando showing 10/13/2018:


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MSEP or Spectro? Inquiring minds want to know!

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This month, we had a few snafus and life events delaying the show, but we are back on track! We discuss:

Parade Brackets!

Lion King The Musical!

Ant Man!


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We discuss Incredibles 2 and Solo, then continue with our Tournament of Parades. We need your help with a tie breaker! Please vote in this poll:

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We’ve got lava talk, an Aulani review/recap, a SPOILER-Y Avengers discussion and more Parades!

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Our tournament of parades advances, we talk about Lisa's plans for Hawaii, and we reminisce about 10 years of podcasting!

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Jennifer has an amazing trip report of Disneyland, Spring 2018, including walking in Walt’s footsteps and we continue the MARCH MADNESS that is our Disney Parade Bracket Challenge!!!

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We review the movie Black Panther, and resolve the first two brackets of our Tournament of Parades

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This month, The Cats discuss Star Wars:TLJ (spoilers!), Lisa’s recent Disneyland trip and plans for a future tournament!


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