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This month, WE SAY GAY and Lisa has a DLR trip report. ITS GAY!!!! :)


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We have finished WandaVision and Lisa has started The Falcon and the Snowman.

Trace needs a new job, sadly, and both of the Cats are hoping of upcoming WDW trips and cruises. HOPING!!!

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We discuss Incredibles 2 and Solo, then continue with our Tournament of Parades. We need your help with a tie breaker! Please vote in this poll:

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We talk about the announcement that Niantic (the company behind Pokemon Go) will be releasing another augmented reality game, themed to Harry Potter. Should Disney get in on the ARG scene too?

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This week, Lisa wonders why the WDFM is in San Francisco and the Cats discuss the GA finale

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This week, Lis is watching that wedding show that came out a week ago on Freeform TV (aka Disney Family channel), and she has a few things to say, but does try to keep it short.

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The morning before the Oscars, we started off talking about Disney things and ended up talking about movies......


Spoiler alert - no PEGOT for LMM.....YET!

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This week, Lisa is sharing her thoughts on our bye week in lieu of typing more stuff on Facebook..... She is also sharing some music.

Next week, we want to talk about how to take care of yourself. Does Disney play a part in that for you? Is it helping these days? We want to know!

Aso, Lisa is particularly interested in Disney songs of protest or uplift - do any Disney songs speak to you these days?


Stay strong friends. Ans just keep swimming!

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This week, we had the first of two exciting episodes about Jennifer’s return trip to DL/DCA after nearly 10 years - but encountered technical difficulties!


So, Lisa sat down to share her last minute thoughts on Dr. Strange (which she saw today in D Box/3D/XD) and her (low) expectations for the upcoming Podcast Cruise 6.0 (although she does want to be new BFFs with Kathy & Teresa).


For tons of RCCL info, check out Matt Hochberg’s amazingly detailed and fabulous blog and podcast. How can we wish WDW Today back to life???


I digress.

I hope everyone voted.

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As Jennifer is wending her way towards a long overdue trip to Disneyland (California), Sergia & Stephanie join Lisa in the TDC studios to further discuss Paris.


Apologies for the funky Skype connection!

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The Cats return to the interwebs to share the first of probably 1,000,000 trip reports about Paris. We missed you! Enjoy!

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This week, Constantine joins the Cats to talk about a favorite Disney Movie (and Muppets).


We will take a Bye the next two weeks and be back mid-October!

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This week, Lisa reveals the final “gift” from the Haunted Mansion subscription box and the Cats discuss subscription boxes that intrigue them as well as the BoxLunch store Lisa recently visited.

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This week, Jennifer and listener Sergio advise Lisa and listener Stephanie about their upcoming trips to Paris and Disneyland Paris.


The audio turned out very well given we had a Skype 4 way recording going on, but my intro sounds a little wonky (I used my laptop mic instead of my plug in).



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This week, Mississippi Matt joins the Cats to discuss his recent attendance of the evening  special ticket event which has since, allegedly, been cancelled.

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This week, we catch up on a few ongoing TDC subjects.


Consider supporting Jennifer in her return to running by sponsoring her in the upcoming Gingerbread Run for GKTW


Apologies for the microphone creaking this week, we tried out some different equipment and got some unanticipated creaky noises!


Here’s a video from TheTimTracker that far surpasses anything Lisa will ever be doing and makes it through all the contents of the month 2 box BUT does not demonstrate the part Lisa couldn’t get to work.

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This week, Lisa announces an upcoming trip to Paris and Disneyland Paris.


I did not rate this episode “explicit”, but I think I whisper the “F” word somewhere in there. And I (Lisa) like to yell into my mic. A lot. Mon excuses.

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Constantine joins us this week to talk about Disney’s most recent release, “Zootopia”. This episode is spoiler filled and contains some adult content. Also, Roxxy makes a special appearance at  the 12:00 minute mark.

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This week, we reminisce about the newer interactive queues found at WDW.

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Jennifer reviews a classic of Disney animation, The Wind in the Willows. Then we talk about Disney animation in general, and the 24-hour science fiction film marathon in the Boston area.

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This week, we talk about a lot of foods as we share our reviews of several new(it) eating experiences in the World.

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This week’s show is various audio and trip reports from Lisa’s recent Bahamian DCL cruise.

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This week, we talk about the first half of the recent Walt Disney PBS bio doc, trip planning and selling shoes.

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This week, we are resharing episode#21 from 2008. Happy Toonfest 2015 this weekend in Marceline and #bbmidgetautopia

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This week, Lisa talks with Peter Whitehead, creative director with the Walt Disney Hometown Musuem, about the Bring Back Midget Autopia Campaign on Kickstarter.



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We conclude last week's discussion of all things around Disneyland with talk of parades, attractions and fireworks. And I included an obscure bit from my files - Mickey's 60th Birthday from DLP.


Have you checked out the Birng Back Midget Autopia Kickstarter yet?  Bring Back The Midget Autopia!

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This week, Lisa and Michelle discuss their lodging expereinces from their recent Disneyland trip - and we wish Jennifer happy helaing and a happy birthday!

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This week, The Cats discuss Inside Out and Ant Man - *****SPOILER ALERT******


Also, check out @bbmidgetautopia and help bring back the Midget Autopia to Marceline!

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Jennifer is going to (welcome home!) Boston Anime dressed as a bear and Trader Sam's is open (and seems small).

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This week, Lisa heard an episode of the Dis Unplugged that discussed the results of a poll they did about lobbies on property and whether we agree! If I knew how to make brackets, I would have.

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Snowball snuck into the TDC studio to record this tidbit of Christmas joy! Talk to you all next year!!

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Finally, Lisa and Trace are posting a trip report from their Land & Sea vacation week before last. At the end of the show is some live audio from the DCL's new Christams experience on their newly labeled "Merrytime Cruises" I literally just got their pun typing this in right now. 


Next week (this week?)... We will be back the week after American Thanksgiving for our regularly scheduled show!

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This week, we discuss the traveling Marvel show.

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This week, Snowball has taken over the TDC studio and presents to you a few of his favorite Disney covers. Thanks to sponsors Canine Crunchies and Jeff W for making this week's show possible!

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Lisa trots out more cruiseship audio - you get two trivia games, a whirl on the Whitepass RR, an educational bus driver and a song by a Disney Broadway Star!

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TDC #291: Convention Report

Jennifer reports on Anime Boston, PAX East, and ConnectiCon. Show notes and discussion: ‎.

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Which deserved the Academy Award?

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Go to iTunes and rate us, won't you?

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Lisa recaps her recent 8 night Magic cruise.

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We take an idea from the guys at WDW Today and discuss the potential upcoming costume changes to EPCOT's American Pavilion.

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No, Cat#2 was not on drugs during the production of this show. This is my life.

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In this episode, Lisa recounts a recent unexpected interaction with a cast member and the Cats discuss how Corporate America should and shouldn't respond to social media.

A discussion of a recent batch of Disney character portraits by Annie Leibovitz.

Join us at for show notes and discussion.

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TDC #133: A Little Holiday Music

Music from Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, and Jonathon Coulton.

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No show notes on this one folks . . . you just gotta listen! 

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TDC #131: Disney and the Future

For show notes and discussion, check out !

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This week, we turn to our listeners to ask for their help. But it's not money we need -- it's show ideas!

Stay tuned to the very end for a special appearance by Carl Castle's voice on someone's home answering machine.


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