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TDC #419: Planning for WDW Half

Jennifer's finally planning to run the WDW Half Marathon, in January of 2017! Lisa has some advice before she heads for the corrals.

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Hey! This week we share our thoughts about Moana and Rogue One. THERE ARE SPOILERS!

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Lisa is alone this week, giving you a rambling wrap up of a few of the highs and lows of last week’s DisUnplugged Podcast Cruise on Royal Caribbean.

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This week, the Cats talk about Moana, Beasts and Those Damn Cabanas.

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TDC #415: Disneyland Halloween Overlays

Jennifer finishes up reporting back on her trip to Disneyland, focusing today on Disneyland park and its attraction Halloween overlays.

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TDC #414: Jennifer's California Adventure

Jennifer reports back after a trip to Disney's California Adventure, with a focus on Cars Land, World of Color, and Soarin'

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Jennifer has a few words on last week's election. Then, Greg joins her for a discussion of the classic Disneyland attraction, Great Moments with Mr Lincoln.


Related: Donald Duck Family Tree

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This week, we had the first of two exciting episodes about Jennifer’s return trip to DL/DCA after nearly 10 years - but encountered technical difficulties!


So, Lisa sat down to share her last minute thoughts on Dr. Strange (which she saw today in D Box/3D/XD) and her (low) expectations for the upcoming Podcast Cruise 6.0 (although she does want to be new BFFs with Kathy & Teresa).


For tons of RCCL info, check out Matt Hochberg’s amazingly detailed and fabulous blog and podcast. How can we wish WDW Today back to life???


I digress.

I hope everyone voted.

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As Jennifer is wending her way towards a long overdue trip to Disneyland (California), Sergia & Stephanie join Lisa in the TDC studios to further discuss Paris.


Apologies for the funky Skype connection!

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The Cats return to the interwebs to share the first of probably 1,000,000 trip reports about Paris. We missed you! Enjoy!

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This week, Constantine joins the Cats to talk about a favorite Disney Movie (and Muppets).


We will take a Bye the next two weeks and be back mid-October!

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TDC #408: Guardians of Terror

DCA's Tower of Terror is going to become a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction. What do we think about this?

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TDC #407: Pete's Dragon and Pokemon Go

We catch up on how things are going for each of us in Pokemon Go. Then, Lisa reviews the recent film, Pete's Dragon.

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This week, Jennifer and Lisa consider Disney splurges including trip upgrades, Pandora beads and running retreats. 


And you can hear Trace mowing (sorry about that one).

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This week, Lisa reveals the final “gift” from the Haunted Mansion subscription box and the Cats discuss subscription boxes that intrigue them as well as the BoxLunch store Lisa recently visited.

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This week, Jennifer and listener Sergio advise Lisa and listener Stephanie about their upcoming trips to Paris and Disneyland Paris.


The audio turned out very well given we had a Skype 4 way recording going on, but my intro sounds a little wonky (I used my laptop mic instead of my plug in).



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TDC #403: Stay Awake

Greg joins Lisa and Jennifer to discuss the 1988 album of Disney covers, Stay Awake.

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TDC #402: Potpourri

We discuss Disney Parks shoe-tracking and recent attendance levels, plus the non-Disney show, Stranger Things

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Lisa was on the road in early July and brings back quite a bit of scintillating (not) details about having air conditioning (or not) at her Granma’s house and wraps up (finally) by touching on her recent trip to Marceline.

Originally, I was hoping to include some audio from the museum, but it really didn’t turn out as well as I anticipated. There are postings on our Facebook page from the trip where you can see my vlog entries though - please check them out!!!


And do check out the Walt Disney Hometown Museum - in person, online, Facebook & twitter.

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TDC #400: Gotta Catch Em All!

Time to talk about ConnectiCon, and Pokemon Go! Wouldn't a Disney ARG be magical?

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This week, the Cats were surprised during recording with a blast from the past.... or future?

The Cats will take a two week Bye and be back July 27th with a new show - keep tuned to Facebook and twitter for on the road updates from Cat#2 who will be visiting Marceline and the Walt Disney Hometown Museum later this week!

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This week, we talk spoil and discuss Finding Dory and touch briefly on the recent and horrific accident at WDW involving an alligator.

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TDC #397: Pulse

While our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and survivors of the killings at Pulse in Orlando, we also encourage everyone to take action to prevent this from happening again, and to help those who are directly affected.

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Matt sits in again as we discuss all the Disney connections to Charlotte’s Web.

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TDC #396: Rivers of Whatever

Our friend Matt joins us again, this time to talk about a new entertainment offering at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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This week, Mississippi Matt joins the Cats to discuss his recent attendance of the evening  special ticket event which has since, allegedly, been cancelled.

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This week, we catch up on a few ongoing TDC subjects.


Consider supporting Jennifer in her return to running by sponsoring her in the upcoming Gingerbread Run for GKTW


Apologies for the microphone creaking this week, we tried out some different equipment and got some unanticipated creaky noises!


Here’s a video from TheTimTracker that far surpasses anything Lisa will ever be doing and makes it through all the contents of the month 2 box BUT does not demonstrate the part Lisa couldn’t get to work.

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TDC #393: Captain America: Civil War

Constantine joins Jennifer and Lisa for a review of the movie. 

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This week, Lisa tries to solve the mystery of what’s in the box.


Also, I forgot to say that this is episode #392 for Wednesday, May 11, 2016! Well, I did say it and then I accidentally edited it out, so there’s that.

Find the most recent video showing the contents of this box at our Facebook page. 

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This week, Lisa catches up with Peter Whitehead, Creative Director of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum, and finds out what’s new in Marceline.



Follow the Walt Disney Hometown Museum and Pete on Facebook and Twitter.

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TDC #390: Money Grab

We talk about the latest money grab by Disney Parks: Early and late hours at Magic Kingdom, for maybe-crazy prices. Don't be surprised if we swear.

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This week, Lisa announces an upcoming trip to Paris and Disneyland Paris.


I did not rate this episode “explicit”, but I think I whisper the “F” word somewhere in there. And I (Lisa) like to yell into my mic. A lot. Mon excuses.

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This week, the Cats discuss the contents of the 1st Ghost Post subscription box, along with audio from the Phantom Radio......

Check our Facebook posts for the recent unboxing video if you haven’t seen it.

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TDC #387: Recent Disney Business Moves

Constantine joins Jennifer to talk about surge pricing, preferred parking fees, and the possibility of resort fees.

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This week, the podcast travels to Trader Sams.

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TDC #386: New Ships, Podcasting News

Lisa shares her information and enthusiasm about the new ships coming to Disney Cruise Line, and the Cats talk about recent changes in the Disney podcast scene. Also, Jennifer plugs her two panels at Anime Boston 2016.

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Constantine joins us this week to talk about Disney’s most recent release, “Zootopia”. This episode is spoiler filled and contains some adult content. Also, Roxxy makes a special appearance at  the 12:00 minute mark.

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This week, we reminisce about the newer interactive queues found at WDW.

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This week, we talk the recent Disneyland 60th EXTRAVAGANZA.

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This week, Lisa shares her review and recommendations from Basin at WDW’s Grand Floridian. 

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Jennifer reviews a classic of Disney animation, The Wind in the Willows. Then we talk about Disney animation in general, and the 24-hour science fiction film marathon in the Boston area.

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TDC #379: Spirit of Aloha

Lisa and Jennifer review the Spirit of Aloha dinner show at Disney's Polynesian Resort.

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This week, we talk about a lot of foods as we share our reviews of several new(it) eating experiences in the World.

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TDC #377: Magic Behind Our Steam Trains

Jennifer reviews the Magic Kingdom backstage tour, "The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains."

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Jennifer and Lisa are together, poolside, at Art of Animation talking about Jennifer’s recent “Lunch With An Imagineer” event. And we have audio from the new Symphony In The Sky fireworks from DHS.

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