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TDC#16 - Help me start an NFFC chapter, will ya?

Welcom back! It's episode Sweet Sixteen! Join The Cats as we talk with Trace about the NFFC and Disney Fan Chris Nolin about books!

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TDC#15: Listeners, We Has Them! For comments, questions, and feedback, please join us on our blog at!
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TDC#14: Disney-fication! For discussion of this week's show, join us at our blog!
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TDC#13 - Have you heard the one about.... Rumours! We got rumours! And they're not ALL about Walt Disney's head! Make sense? It will after you download and listen to this week's episode of Those Darn Cats! This week, The Cats discuss Disney rumours of every ilk - from the actually true to the incredibly outlandish. Some of our conformational/debunking facts can be found at
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