Those Darn Cats
Monthly Disney fan ramblings from a couple of irreverent and occasionally off-color, middle-aged chicks.
TDC#25 All About the Worldly Wonder Pets!

Join us as the Cats talk with All About the Mouse's Bryan Ripper about taking your pet to the kennels at the World and what changes we can expect in the new year! You'll also hear about the Nicolodeon Hotel in Orlando, learn how the Wonder Pets save the day and get into the Halloween spirit!

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TDC#24 Breakdown! Welcome to another edition of the Those Darn Cats podcast! Please visit our blog at for lots of kitty goodness!
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TDC 23: Guilty Podcasters Unite! For show notes and discussion, please visit our blog at .
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TDC#21 ToonFest-a-Palooza!! Join our "guest host", Myra Katz, in an extended review of audio collected from the 10th annual ToonFest in Marceline, Mo.  We've got a pre-view of the only T-Rex restaurant in the country, a visit to the Walt Disney museum, Meow Mix featuring the infamous Jeff W. of Snowy Tundra Training and all kinds of cool sounds from a wonderful weekend! Check out our blog post at for more info and pics! It's a LONG episode and we will return to our normal format next week! Cheers!
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