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Monthly Disney fan ramblings from a couple of irreverent and occasionally off-color, middle-aged chicks.

The Cats finish out the year with a last minute discussion of odds and ends around the upcoming WDW trip ad things from Lisa’s recent cruise.


Look for us at Port Orleans Riverside, Thursday January 7, 2016 at the River Roost bar to enjoy Yeeha Bob in all his glory - we will be there around 7ish, so join us for this informal meet up! Bob’s shows tend to be SRO, so get there early-isn to find a chair, light apps are served in the bar area and the POR food court is really good if you want to pick something up and sit down. Bob’s shows and this area are family friendly, he usually starts about 8pm is and plays 2 sets.


We will be taking a bye for 2 weeks and see you all again 1/20/2016.


Thanks to the guys at WDW Today for their work over the years and for the endless hours of entertainment and advice they have given to us. Each one of you is special and awesome and Jennifer and I both have such great memories of all of you (whether you actually know this - or who we are! - at all). Your tireless production over the last 10 years inspires us. You guys will be missed. Please come over here any old time. Except Matt. ;-)

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This week, Jennifer tells Lisa why she loves Jessica Jones


***rated the show explicit due to themes discussed, but in the end, there wasn’t anything wild that we actually said***


That’s what she said


Lisa is going to see Star Wars they night I am posting this. 


WHY NEWELL????? WHY???????? RIP WDWTODAY 1.0 :(

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TDC #373: The Good Dinosaur

Lisa reports back on The Good Dinosaur. Can she convince Jennifer to see it?

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This week’s show is various audio and trip reports from Lisa’s recent Bahamian DCL cruise.

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This week, a few updates (Bye Week next week) (I’m on a boat!), and then Lisa gives a mini-review of the new Disney CD, We Love Disney, followed by the last of the live recordings Trace captured at a recent Fan Days event in the DFW area. Happy Thanksgiving!


Look for Lisa on an upcoming episode of the The Mouse Knows Best podcast.

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TDC #370: The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head

Jennifer interviews Benjamin Lancaster, creator of the upcoming film, The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head. More info on the film:

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TDC #369: Purses and Such

We talk about handbags, and pins, and other random things we like.

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This week, the Cats discuss the WOC 1974 feature, Stubs The Best Cow Dog In The West (Or World). We are rating this explicit for a reference to cow procreation.

Also we learned about Jay Sisler, trainer of Stub!

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This week, Lisa talks about the extras on the recently released Blurry/DVD of Tomorrowland and we hear a recording from a fan Q&A with truly wild, crazy and fun Michael Rooker from The Waling Dead and GotG.


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TDC #366: The Peopls v. Disneyland

Jennifer reviews David Koenig's latest book, The People v. Disneyland: How Lawsuits and Lawyers Transformed the Magic. 

Because there's some sad, not-so-magical stuff in here, we're rating this episode Explicit and TV-14.

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This week, Lisa will share every excruciating detail about how to craft your own magnets for your cruising pleasure.

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This week, we talk about the new Muppets series on ABC (They Are Still The One!)

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This week, we talk about the first half of the recent Walt Disney PBS bio doc, trip planning and selling shoes.

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TDC #362: Sharknado Survival

How would we survive a Sharknado at Walt Disney World? Inquiring minds want to know!

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This week, we are resharing episode#21 from 2008. Happy Toonfest 2015 this weekend in Marceline and #bbmidgetautopia

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TDC #360: Bucket List

In response to a recent list on Pop Sugar, we each present our top 5.

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This week, Lisa talks with Peter Whitehead, creative director with the Walt Disney Hometown Musuem, about the Bring Back Midget Autopia Campaign on Kickstarter.



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TDC #358: Whatever

We talk about D23 announcements, conventions in general, binge-watching tV, whatever.

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We conclude last week's discussion of all things around Disneyland with talk of parades, attractions and fireworks. And I included an obscure bit from my files - Mickey's 60th Birthday from DLP.


Have you checked out the Birng Back Midget Autopia Kickstarter yet?  Bring Back The Midget Autopia!

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This week, Lisa and Michelle discuss their lodging expereinces from their recent Disneyland trip - and we wish Jennifer happy helaing and a happy birthday!

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This week, The Cats discuss Inside Out and Ant Man - *****SPOILER ALERT******


Also, check out @bbmidgetautopia and help bring back the Midget Autopia to Marceline!

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This week, Lisa relates her activities on the anniversary, and we have audio of the presentation made that morning in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

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TDC #353: The Evolution of Disney Princesses

This week's show is a recording of Jennifer's panel at ConnectiCon 2015, The Evolution of Disney Princesses. You can also download a full video version here: , or find that same link on the sidebar at .

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This week, we talk upcoming live action Disney releases and then get some mousekeeping out of the way. 

Bye week 7/15/2015 while everyone is vacationing and paneling and recovering! See ya real soon!

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TDC #351: Cast Member Confidential

Disney Cast Members now cannot publicly state which characters they are GOOD FRIENDS with. Jennifer and Lisa have differing views on the subject.

This episode is rated PG, for potential spoilage of the Magic.

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TDC #350: Movies That Should Be Attractions

Greg von Teig joins us for a discussion of Disney movies we'd like to see turned into Disney Parks attractions. He also mentions his new project: Junkman Radio. .

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Lisa is looking forward to a couple of things this summer!

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This week, Lisa talks about her recent Con experience and shares a Q&A with Ming Na (Mulan, Agents of Shield) from the event.

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This week, we talk about Tomorrowland - is your glass half full or half empty?

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TDC #345: Potpourri

We discuss a variety of Disney-related topics, and take a tangent or two.

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TDC #347: Princess' Evolution

Jennifer's working on a panel she *hopes* will be accepted by ConnectiCon, about the evolution of Disney princesses. We talk about that, and she puts in a plug for joining her staff in the ConnectiCon Screenings department.

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This week, we review news from past shows and catch up. Lisa wants to apolgize in advance. She *may* be unreasonable.....

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This week, the Cats SPOIL Avengers- Age of Ultron. WE SPOIL IT, YOU HEAR ME? Come back ater after you've seen it if you seek a non spoiler-y review!

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TDC #342: Weird Disney News

Constantine joins Jennifer again, this time to discuss several weird news stories about Disney from recent weeks:

  • Woman brings a tiger to Magic Kingdom
  • Pigs with Disney tattoos
  • Disturbing unauthorized theme games
  • Woman allegedly implanted with a Disney chip
  • TSA teaches Disney about security
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TDC #341: The Wind Rises

This week, Jennifer's husband Constantine tells us about the latest and final film by Hayao Miyazaki, The Wind Rises. Roxxy snores a bit in the background, so she's in the album art this week.

Also, Jennifer's set up an auto-publish from our podcast host (libsyn) to our blog host (WordPress), so if this all works, show notes are gonna look a little different. If it doesn't work . . . . WHO KNOWS what could even happen? Magic? Mayhem?

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Jennifer is going to (welcome home!) Boston Anime dressed as a bear and Trader Sam's is open (and seems small).

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This week we discuss Grey's Anatomy in an adult fashion.

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This week, Lisa heard an episode of the Dis Unplugged that discussed the results of a poll they did about lobbies on property and whether we agree! If I knew how to make brackets, I would have.

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TDC #337: Using an ECV at WDW

Jennifer reflects on her experience using an ECV on a nine day trip to Walt Disney World, both solo and traveling with others.

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TDC #336: Potpourri

Chuck Jones, CM-only stores, and the Baymax meet and greet

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This week, we discuss our recent Keys To The Kingdom tour experience.

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Spt the swindle!! This week, The Cats discuss a recent court case out of Texas that will be immediately solved by the true Disney Fan!

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This week, Lisa shares a few tidbits and recommends The Kingsmen.



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Do you want to fit 8 adult humans in a shower? Do you like walking 682 steps to your room? If your answer is YES, you will want to listen to this week's show and hear our review of our recent DVC Villa stays! Also, enjoy our "new" sponsor - Mouse Mullet Travel...

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This Mike F., Outro guy?, joins us as we talk about our recent MB/FP+/MDE experiences. Now with more Grey Stuff!

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We talk about Jennifer's experience volunteering at the Kids Races during Marathon Weekend 2015.

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This week, Lisa tells her tale of the WDW Marathon 2015. She finished. Show notes tomorrow - she promises!

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This week, we chat about the two recent Disney releases.

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TDC #327: 2014 Disney Parks Parade

Or at least, they like to call it a parade. 

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