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Well it felt good for Jennifer at least..... This week, hear her Reunion 2013 Top 7 recap.

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This week Lisa and Jennifer discuss all things Bechdel and a bunch of Disney movies, including Frozen - GO SEE THE SHORT IMMEDIATELY IN 3D!

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We're grateful for many Disney things! And possibly ham.

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This week we talk about some of the new Mickey cartoon shorts and share our experiences using My Disney Experience. www.thosedarncats

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We announce a TDC meet, discuss Jennifer's DIY RFID-blocking wallet, and have a longer discussion about the controversial film, Escape from Tomorrow.

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Jennifer and Greg talk about this 90s-tastic set of music videos.

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The last ToT tidbits - we hear live EPCOT audio, a :man on the street" interview with Magic Band user Charles, and we find out what happened to Snowball.

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This week, Jennifer talks about her 1st half marathon and Lisa talks trip report.

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This week, some friends from the ToT 10 Miler join Lisa for a recap of the race experience. Shout out to all our great friends we got to see on the course!

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TDC #269:Disney Infinity, Parks, and Privacy

Jonathan Dichter, former co-host of All About the Mouse podcast, joins us again this week, for a discussion of the Disney Infinity video game, and its potential implications for the Parks and privacy. 

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Jonathon Dichter joins us this week to talk about his recent Alaskan cruise. We also mention Pacific North West Mouse Meets, DCL dress codes, Chasing Ice and hear from Snowball.

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The initial set of meets have been announced, and we're excited!

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It's great to talk to old pal Bryan ripper about his recent "Magic Band" experience this week! And Lisa is soooooo quiet!

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This week, we rehash race training and travel plans for the ToT 10 miler.

And Lisa wants to apologive for continually recording her intro on her laptop mic which sounds horrible AND YET I KEEP DOING IT. Sorry :)

See you at ToT!!!!!

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In celebration of Labor Day, we discuss Disney Parks Cast Members, and the magic they make.

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Lisa has all the news you didn't know you were missing from the ultra exclusive T23 meet earlier this month!

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Things we can't get worked up about: Raven Simone's sexual orientation (though we fully support her in coming out!), and the recent release of Disney Infinity.

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This week, Lisa plays songs from "Go Go Bossa/Cafe Disney" and chit chats about Disney in the news.

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TDC #260: Budget Trips

Recently we talked about luxury trip, so this week we look at the other end of the spectrum: What's the most scaled-down, budget-conscious trip we would embark on? Our answers often vary!

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Grease + High School Musical + Beach Blanket Bingo + Back to the Future = TEEN BEACH MOVIE!!!!! Hear our thoughts and some music from the show (and some great Jeff W goodness).

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What's the most luxurious Walt Disney World trip we can imagine taking? We can dream, can't we?

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This week, the conclusion of the "Memory Room" events from the recent DL Tiki Room 50th Anniversary Event. Be sure to hop onto either our blog - - or on facebook and make a comment and you may win a Tiki Room pin!


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***UPDATE - This show was orignally relased as #261 (and is called that on the intro) but is actually 257. we apologize for the confusion! ***

Trace recounts his trip to Disneyland for the Tiki Room 50th, sharing the highs and lows and discussing the backside of SHAG. We follow up with the first of 3 talks given in "The Memory Room" at the event. The next 2 talks will be posted on next week's show. We also begin a giveaway this week - you can win a super neato LE Tiki Room pin by commenting either on our blog or our facebook page - you have 2 weeks to enter, one entry per person.

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This week, we talk about what Lisa has been up to over vacation and how it is totally fine that Monsters Inc exists. www/

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TDC #254: Future Pixar Films

We discuss, based solely on the text teasers on the Pixar web site.

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TDC #253: Reunion 2013

We're already planning for our trips to WDW Today Reunion 2013! But there's no need to panic. Honestly.

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In preparing for Trace's trip to DL for the Disneyland Tiki Room 50th Anniversary event at the end of the month, we aim to get your Tiki juices flowing with this collection of factoids and audio! Aloha!

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This week, we've more exciting discussion of recent WDW and DL guests and CMs making news! Rated "explicit" due to Lisa's bad language.

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This week we talk about recent Disney topics in the news and Lisa tries to figure out what is going on race day (night?) for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler.

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TDC #249: Merida Makeover

How big a deal is the Merida makeover? Did the internet get it reversed? Do we care, and why?

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This week brings a great show all about Alice in Wonderland with special guests the Minnie Minxes! Head over to for all the show notes and links! 

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Will this show be on the internet forever? Or is it for a limited time only, like the Dapper Dans singing boy-band songs? Only time will tell.

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Had you heard about the recent OSHA shut downs/voluntary closures at DL a few days ago? This week, we discuss them and Jennifer's recent Jentasmic column on the same. Also, PLEASE STAND CLEAR OF THE DOORS AND REMAIN CALM.

(Rated Explicit due to the cursing of Cat#2)

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We're not entirely happy with preparations for the 2014 WDW Marathon Weekend!

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This week, Lisa shares a trivia quiz from her recent Galveston DCL cruise. All we have are the answers. Lisa also shamelssly begs for voicemails, tweets or voice files telling us what we have taught you over these last few years! **This show is not for the dog noise averse** Also, I think I (Lisa) curse somewhere on this one and for that reason, I'm labeling it explicit.

There is a fabulous key chain and DCL Galveston pin awaiting one lucky listener who will go to our facebook page and enter a comment telling us their area of Disney Trivia Concentration. Leave a message between today and when the next show posts (4/23/13) and a winner will be randomly selected from the comments!

Tanks to Jeff W., Junior Staff Member, for his fabulous intro (not afro like I first typed). Although if he had an afro, we are sure it would indeed be fabulous.

As Lisa is wishing her hubby a Happy 44th today, we are all holding the people of Boston and our loved ones in the area close in our hearts.

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Lisa got a survey from Disney recently, with tons of intriguing questions about possible Star Wars additions to Disney Parks. We discuss these questions, including our answers to some of them.

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On this week's show, Lisa relates her new found knowledge about all things Hershey!

Find our show notes at, like us on facebook and follow us on the twitter.

while you're at it, please call our voicemail or just send us an audio file telling us one thing you learned listening to our show? it would make me happy! 757-559-1832

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We discuss Walt's love of trains, and other forms of track-based public transportation.

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This week, Lisa is joined by Andy Fishy Rocket Boy of Eating (and Drinking) Around the World and we discuss Disney food myths, reycled African beads and where are the rest of the turkeys? You can find Andy's blog at and our usual show notes and discussion at

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On this weeks show, we talk about Yehaa Bob Jackson's recent honor - the Disney Legacy Award - cast member name badges and what Jennifer wore when she worked at Mickey D's.  

Show notes posted on

You can find more infor about Yehaa Bob (including how to buy his AWESOMELY FUN CDs)! at Also check out the amazing Nametag Museum site at

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Which deserved the Academy Award?

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This week, Jeff W. starts us off with another great song parody, then we discuss romantic things to do in the World and Land. www.thosedarncats,net

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Go to iTunes and rate us, won't you?

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TDC #235: Disney Douches?

Adam the Woo, Escape from Tomorrow: Are they behaving badly? Also some side notes about RFIDs.

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Lisa recaps her recent 8 night Magic cruise.

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TDC #232: Trip Planning Issues

Is it better to plan many months in advance? Or book a trip at the last minute?

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Actually - this show was originally numbered incorrectly and released a week early! This should have been show #233 and released 1/23/13 - sorry for the confusion and my apologies!/Lisa

This week, you will hear 2 live recordings from Lisa's recent 8 night cruise on the Magic - Palo chef Nicholas prepares a lamb dish and Executive Pastry Chef Brenton makes us Apple Strudel. Recipes are posted on the website.

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We have hopes and plans for 2013!

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This week, we talk about recovering from the Disney blues and we play an AWESOME song from friend of the show, Jeff W.

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