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More ways to buy Disney handbags! And sell them too! Our friend Jill joins us to share her expertise.

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This week, Jennifer & Lisa have a show schedule announcement and we talk all about Coco!



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We talk about the announcement that Niantic (the company behind Pokemon Go) will be releasing another augmented reality game, themed to Harry Potter. Should Disney get in on the ARG scene too?

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This week, Lisa goes on about all the ways she would have improved upon Thor: Ragnarok, but also tries to get Jennifer to go see it in the movie theater. An unexpected interruption cuts the show short, but Jennifer comes back to tell about delicious Blaze pizza and the newly polished, if not terribly Disney, Disney Springs!

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Jennifer tells Lisa about the rest of her trip to Walt Disney World in October 2017, including Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and  Return to Sleepy Hollow, a special event at Fort Wilderness.

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What five Disney Parks attractions would you list for a potential spouse, to explain who you are?

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This week, Jennifer, Lisa & Michelle from the Mitten are sitting on the floor of a room at AKL discussing their day at Animal Kingdom!


(Recorded on Lisa’s iPhone - apologies for the audio!)

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This week, pal Michelle (from the Mitten) joins us as we discuss meeting up IRL next week at WDW!

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This week, Lis talks about the Dali Theater and Museum in Figueres, Spain and the Dali/Disney connection.


Visit our Facebook page and see pictures from her trip.

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A variety of Disney topics!

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The Cats are back and Lisa is talking Med Cruise.

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Jennifer and Greg review two vintage Disneyland Records: Pirates of the Caribbean, and Country Bears Jamboree

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This week, Lisa gets a big update from Peter Whitehead, Creative Director of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum in Marceline, MO..


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The Cats recorded a second show when they were together last week - we touch on a few Disney related things we’ve seen in the DFW and Jennifer wonders about MNSSHP.

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This week, The Cats are together in Texas, wrapping up the list of announcements from last month’s D23

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Jennifer & Lisa continuing working their way down the D23 announcement list. This week: resorts, transportation gone wild and more!

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Our thoughts on the announcements from this year's D23 Expo.

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This week, the Cats start off with the realization that “Little Egypt” was a person, Pokemon is still a thing in our lives and then try to decide if we do or do not have D23 FOMO.


**** The beginning of this recording is very glitchy but it settles in soon - hang in there!**


Leave us your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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Greg joins us to talk about character meets we'd like to see. Also: EXTRA PUG NOISES

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This week, the Cats discuss a couple of recent park announcements.

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This week, Jennifer and Lisa take a second stab at discussing the recent article in the Orlando Sentinel, in which a guest columnists posits that the Orlando United rainbow flag flying around town is scaring away tourists........

I say second stab because we recorded this once and we had a media malfunction!!!!

We have thoughts.

Find us on Facebook and tell us what you think!

Lisa reviews the relatively new movie, Cars 3. Is it okay that they made this?

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This week, we are talking about recent movies!

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This week, Stephanie shares a bit about planning and visiting both Shanghai and Hong Kong’s Disney gates last month!

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We talk about a bunch of free-association topics, mostly Disney, starting with the Great Movie Ride's worst scene. There is some explicit language and mention of upsetting topics.

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This week, Lisa wonders why the WDFM is in San Francisco and the Cats discuss the GA finale

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This week, Lis is watching that wedding show that came out a week ago on Freeform TV (aka Disney Family channel), and she has a few things to say, but does try to keep it short.

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This week, Lisa has topics that seem related to her. One, the beginning of the onslaught of “Pandora Land” soft/media openings AND she wants to tell you all about her first colonoscopy. All about it. #sorry

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We talk about two things Jennifer has a love/hate relationship with: Grey's Anatomy, and the Disney Store online

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Constantine and Greg join Jennifer to talk about Great Moments in History . . . but only the American parts, with the Muppets.

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Lisa's been watching Bunk'd. We discuss.

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This week, we discuss the recent Beauty & The Beast and try to decide what constitutes an EGM.

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This week is the beginning of April adjacent show.... enjoy this Tiki Room binaural experience!



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We discuss the pending update to the Hall of Presidents, napping options in the Magic Kingdom, and the uncanny valley of country music.

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This week, we recap Jennifer’s race last weekend and Lisa complains in detail about Grey’s Anatomy. Also, you should totally watch Grace & Frankie.



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A variety of topics, mostly Disney!

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The morning before the Oscars, we started off talking about Disney things and ended up talking about movies......


Spoiler alert - no PEGOT for LMM.....YET!

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This week, Jennifer and Lisa play a couple of Disney themed games (hat tip Ask Me Another)

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TDC #424: Self Care for Activists

We talk about important skills for taking care of ourselves in a time of increased political activism. Including some Disney stuff, of course.

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This week, Lisa is sharing her thoughts on our bye week in lieu of typing more stuff on Facebook..... She is also sharing some music.

Next week, we want to talk about how to take care of yourself. Does Disney play a part in that for you? Is it helping these days? We want to know!

Aso, Lisa is particularly interested in Disney songs of protest or uplift - do any Disney songs speak to you these days?


Stay strong friends. Ans just keep swimming!

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TDC #423: Jennifer's WDW Trip Report

Jennifer reports back about the non-runDisney aspects of her trip to Walt Disney World in early January 2017.

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TDC #422: Jennifer's Race Report

Jennifer reports back about 2017 WDW Marathon Weekend: Running 13.1 miles at Pop Century because the Half was cancelled, and volunteering at the 5k handing out medals at the finish line.

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This week, as Jennifer settles in from the crazy WDW Half Weekend (which you will hear all about next week). Lisa is in the studios to suggest you see:

An Animated Life - about Floyd Norman the first African American Disney Animator (on Netflix now)

Bright Lights - about Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds - available on HBO


Then enjoy the sounds of a warm vacation as Lisa and occasionally Trace, Sergio and Nicholas (AND FIONA!!!!!!) share their thoughts on the Dis Unplugged Podcast Cruise (yes, again), Cats (#jellicle) and safety glass.

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This week, we talk about the sudden passing of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

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