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Monthly Disney fan ramblings from a couple of irreverent and occasionally off-color, middle-aged chicks.
On this show, we are talking about (and potentially spoiling) some recent Disney watches: The Eternals, Encanto, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Boba Fett. Enjoy!
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Jennifer ran the Walt Disney World Marathon this year! Here's the trip report!

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Jennifer reports back to Lisa about her trip to WDW for the 50th anniversary of Magic Kingdom. We also discuss Universal HHN behind-the-scenes tour, and Muppet Haunted Mansion.

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We are rounding out this year of 2020 with our thoughts on the new Pixar release, Soul, season 2 of The Mandolorian and random thoughts about the parks and cover and all the glorious BS that has been 2020.

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In which we talk about binge watching TV, and the impact of COVID-19 on Disney Parks. Also, bonus weird noises from one of Jennifer's pugs!

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Jennifer's running the Boston Marathon, as a member of the Boston Bulldogs Running Club! Please help her support this nonprofit organization helping people affected by addiction!

We also talk about Rise of Skywalker (ugh) and The Mandalorian (yay!).

Related links:

Boston Bulldogs Running Club

Jennifer's fundraising page


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On this October/September show, Lisa and Jennifer discuss their recent trips to WDW and review Batuu! Bright Suns!

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Jennifer reports back on her 7-night Baltic cruise.

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We review Toy Story 4, argue a bit about the phrase "live action," and plug Jennifer's presentations at ConnectiCon 2019.

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Hey guys! It is technically still May, so we are still on track as a monthly pod!


This show starts with Lisa grilling Jennifer about her upcoming cruise and ends with our review **SPOILERS** of Avengers: Endgame.



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Jennifer reports back after a SUCCESSFUL trip to Walt Disney World for the Star Wars Rival Run weekend.

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Lizi and Jennifer talk about Saving Mr. Banks, A Mouse Divided, and The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head

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This month, we debate the whats and hows of a new tournament, discuss Jennifer’s upcoming race plans for April and chat about gondolas.

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We talk about Solo, Mary Poppins Returns, Aquaman, and Into the Spiderverse. Then, a bit about Tivoli Gardens, and Hans Christian Anderson!

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Welcome everyone to our final show of the year! We talk about current an upcoming movies - Ralph Wrecks The Internet and trailers. We attempt to think of a few Disney Company resolutions, and there’s a lot of holiday music included..... AND MY OWN LITTLE “RIC ROLL” TO JENNIFER heeheeeheeeheee


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year everyone!

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We finish reporting back on our Walt Disney World trip in October, 2018.

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It’s an on-property, round table review of MNSSHP with Jennifer, Lisa, Michelle from the Mitten and special guest, Josh!

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This is an exhaustive journey into the minds of three friends trying to consolidate their trip planning - and a good review of a recent cruise and DL visit by good FOTS Michelle from the Mitten!

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Jennifer and Lizi chat with Benjamin Lancaster about his upcoming film, The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head.

Watch the trailer:

Buy tickets for the Santa Cruz showing 10/6/2018:

Buy tickets for the Orlando showing 10/13/2018:


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MSEP or Spectro? Inquiring minds want to know!

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This month, we had a few snafus and life events delaying the show, but we are back on track! We discuss:

Parade Brackets!

Lion King The Musical!

Ant Man!


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We’ve got lava talk, an Aulani review/recap, a SPOILER-Y Avengers discussion and more Parades!

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Our tournament of parades advances, we talk about Lisa's plans for Hawaii, and we reminisce about 10 years of podcasting!

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Jennifer has an amazing trip report of Disneyland, Spring 2018, including walking in Walt’s footsteps and we continue the MARCH MADNESS that is our Disney Parade Bracket Challenge!!!

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We review the movie Black Panther, and resolve the first two brackets of our Tournament of Parades

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This month, The Cats discuss Star Wars:TLJ (spoilers!), Lisa’s recent Disneyland trip and plans for a future tournament!


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More ways to buy Disney handbags! And sell them too! Our friend Jill joins us to share her expertise.

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This week, Jennifer & Lisa have a show schedule announcement and we talk all about Coco!



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This week, Lisa goes on about all the ways she would have improved upon Thor: Ragnarok, but also tries to get Jennifer to go see it in the movie theater. An unexpected interruption cuts the show short, but Jennifer comes back to tell about delicious Blaze pizza and the newly polished, if not terribly Disney, Disney Springs!

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Jennifer tells Lisa about the rest of her trip to Walt Disney World in October 2017, including Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and  Return to Sleepy Hollow, a special event at Fort Wilderness.

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What five Disney Parks attractions would you list for a potential spouse, to explain who you are?

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This week, Jennifer, Lisa & Michelle from the Mitten are sitting on the floor of a room at AKL discussing their day at Animal Kingdom!


(Recorded on Lisa’s iPhone - apologies for the audio!)

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This week, pal Michelle (from the Mitten) joins us as we discuss meeting up IRL next week at WDW!

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This week, Lis talks about the Dali Theater and Museum in Figueres, Spain and the Dali/Disney connection.


Visit our Facebook page and see pictures from her trip.

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A variety of Disney topics!

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The Cats are back and Lisa is talking Med Cruise.

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Jennifer and Greg review two vintage Disneyland Records: Pirates of the Caribbean, and Country Bears Jamboree

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This week, Lisa gets a big update from Peter Whitehead, Creative Director of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum in Marceline, MO..


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The Cats recorded a second show when they were together last week - we touch on a few Disney related things we’ve seen in the DFW and Jennifer wonders about MNSSHP.

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This week, The Cats are together in Texas, wrapping up the list of announcements from last month’s D23

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Jennifer & Lisa continuing working their way down the D23 announcement list. This week: resorts, transportation gone wild and more!

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Our thoughts on the announcements from this year's D23 Expo.

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This week, the Cats start off with the realization that “Little Egypt” was a person, Pokemon is still a thing in our lives and then try to decide if we do or do not have D23 FOMO.


**** The beginning of this recording is very glitchy but it settles in soon - hang in there!**


Leave us your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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Greg joins us to talk about character meets we'd like to see. Also: EXTRA PUG NOISES

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This week, the Cats discuss a couple of recent park announcements.

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This week, Jennifer and Lisa take a second stab at discussing the recent article in the Orlando Sentinel, in which a guest columnists posits that the Orlando United rainbow flag flying around town is scaring away tourists........

I say second stab because we recorded this once and we had a media malfunction!!!!

We have thoughts.

Find us on Facebook and tell us what you think!

Lisa reviews the relatively new movie, Cars 3. Is it okay that they made this?

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This week, we are talking about recent movies!

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This week, Stephanie shares a bit about planning and visiting both Shanghai and Hong Kong’s Disney gates last month!

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We talk about a bunch of free-association topics, mostly Disney, starting with the Great Movie Ride's worst scene. There is some explicit language and mention of upsetting topics.

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This week, Lisa has topics that seem related to her. One, the beginning of the onslaught of “Pandora Land” soft/media openings AND she wants to tell you all about her first colonoscopy. All about it. #sorry

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We talk about two things Jennifer has a love/hate relationship with: Grey's Anatomy, and the Disney Store online

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Constantine and Greg join Jennifer to talk about Great Moments in History . . . but only the American parts, with the Muppets.

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Lisa's been watching Bunk'd. We discuss.

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This week, we discuss the recent Beauty & The Beast and try to decide what constitutes an EGM.

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This week is the beginning of April adjacent show.... enjoy this Tiki Room binaural experience!



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We discuss the pending update to the Hall of Presidents, napping options in the Magic Kingdom, and the uncanny valley of country music.

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This week, we recap Jennifer’s race last weekend and Lisa complains in detail about Grey’s Anatomy. Also, you should totally watch Grace & Frankie.



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A variety of topics, mostly Disney!

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This week, Jennifer and Lisa play a couple of Disney themed games (hat tip Ask Me Another)

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TDC #424: Self Care for Activists

We talk about important skills for taking care of ourselves in a time of increased political activism. Including some Disney stuff, of course.

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TDC #423: Jennifer's WDW Trip Report

Jennifer reports back about the non-runDisney aspects of her trip to Walt Disney World in early January 2017.

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TDC #422: Jennifer's Race Report

Jennifer reports back about 2017 WDW Marathon Weekend: Running 13.1 miles at Pop Century because the Half was cancelled, and volunteering at the 5k handing out medals at the finish line.

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This week, as Jennifer settles in from the crazy WDW Half Weekend (which you will hear all about next week). Lisa is in the studios to suggest you see:

An Animated Life - about Floyd Norman the first African American Disney Animator (on Netflix now)

Bright Lights - about Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds - available on HBO


Then enjoy the sounds of a warm vacation as Lisa and occasionally Trace, Sergio and Nicholas (AND FIONA!!!!!!) share their thoughts on the Dis Unplugged Podcast Cruise (yes, again), Cats (#jellicle) and safety glass.

Direct download: TDC421_RCL_Ambiance__Documentary_Suggestions.mp3
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This week, we talk about the sudden passing of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

Direct download: 420_TDC420_Remebering_Carrie.mp3
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TDC #419: Planning for WDW Half

Jennifer's finally planning to run the WDW Half Marathon, in January of 2017! Lisa has some advice before she heads for the corrals.

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Hey! This week we share our thoughts about Moana and Rogue One. THERE ARE SPOILERS!

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Lisa is alone this week, giving you a rambling wrap up of a few of the highs and lows of last week’s DisUnplugged Podcast Cruise on Royal Caribbean.

Direct download: 417_TDC417_RCL_Review.mp3
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This week, the Cats talk about Moana, Beasts and Those Damn Cabanas.

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TDC #415: Disneyland Halloween Overlays

Jennifer finishes up reporting back on her trip to Disneyland, focusing today on Disneyland park and its attraction Halloween overlays.

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TDC #414: Jennifer's California Adventure

Jennifer reports back after a trip to Disney's California Adventure, with a focus on Cars Land, World of Color, and Soarin'

Direct download: TDC414-DCA-112316.mp3
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Jennifer has a few words on last week's election. Then, Greg joins her for a discussion of the classic Disneyland attraction, Great Moments with Mr Lincoln.


Related: Donald Duck Family Tree

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TDC #408: Guardians of Terror

DCA's Tower of Terror is going to become a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction. What do we think about this?

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TDC #407: Pete's Dragon and Pokemon Go

We catch up on how things are going for each of us in Pokemon Go. Then, Lisa reviews the recent film, Pete's Dragon.

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This week, Jennifer and Lisa consider Disney splurges including trip upgrades, Pandora beads and running retreats. 


And you can hear Trace mowing (sorry about that one).

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TDC #403: Stay Awake

Greg joins Lisa and Jennifer to discuss the 1988 album of Disney covers, Stay Awake.

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TDC #402: Potpourri

We discuss Disney Parks shoe-tracking and recent attendance levels, plus the non-Disney show, Stranger Things

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Lisa was on the road in early July and brings back quite a bit of scintillating (not) details about having air conditioning (or not) at her Granma’s house and wraps up (finally) by touching on her recent trip to Marceline.

Originally, I was hoping to include some audio from the museum, but it really didn’t turn out as well as I anticipated. There are postings on our Facebook page from the trip where you can see my vlog entries though - please check them out!!!


And do check out the Walt Disney Hometown Museum - in person, online, Facebook & twitter.

Direct download: 401_TDC_401_All_ABout_Lisas_Road_Trip.mp3
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TDC #400: Gotta Catch Em All!

Time to talk about ConnectiCon, and Pokemon Go! Wouldn't a Disney ARG be magical?

Direct download: TDC400-catch-em-all-072716.mp3
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This week, the Cats were surprised during recording with a blast from the past.... or future?

The Cats will take a two week Bye and be back July 27th with a new show - keep tuned to Facebook and twitter for on the road updates from Cat#2 who will be visiting Marceline and the Walt Disney Hometown Museum later this week!

Direct download: 399_TDC399_Ghost_Post_Update..._And_A_Surprise.mp3
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This week, we talk spoil and discuss Finding Dory and touch briefly on the recent and horrific accident at WDW involving an alligator.

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TDC #397: Pulse

While our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and survivors of the killings at Pulse in Orlando, we also encourage everyone to take action to prevent this from happening again, and to help those who are directly affected.

Direct download: TDC397-pulse-062216.mp3
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Matt sits in again as we discuss all the Disney connections to Charlotte’s Web.

Direct download: 396_TDC396_Charlottes_Web.mp3
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TDC #396: Rivers of Whatever

Our friend Matt joins us again, this time to talk about a new entertainment offering at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Direct download: TDC396-rivers-of-whatever-060816.mp3
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TDC #393: Captain America: Civil War

Constantine joins Jennifer and Lisa for a review of the movie. 

Direct download: TDC393-civil-war-051816.mp3
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This week, Lisa tries to solve the mystery of what’s in the box.


Also, I forgot to say that this is episode #392 for Wednesday, May 11, 2016! Well, I did say it and then I accidentally edited it out, so there’s that.

Find the most recent video showing the contents of this box at our Facebook page. 

Direct download: 392_TDC392_Ghost_Post_Box_2.mp3
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This week, Lisa catches up with Peter Whitehead, Creative Director of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum, and finds out what’s new in Marceline.



Follow the Walt Disney Hometown Museum and Pete on Facebook and Twitter.

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TDC #390: Money Grab

We talk about the latest money grab by Disney Parks: Early and late hours at Magic Kingdom, for maybe-crazy prices. Don't be surprised if we swear.

Direct download: TDC390-moneygrab-042716.mp3
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This week, the Cats discuss the contents of the 1st Ghost Post subscription box, along with audio from the Phantom Radio......

Check our Facebook posts for the recent unboxing video if you haven’t seen it.

Direct download: 388_TDC388_Ghost_Post_Box1.mp3
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TDC #387: Recent Disney Business Moves

Constantine joins Jennifer to talk about surge pricing, preferred parking fees, and the possibility of resort fees.

Direct download: TDC387-business-040616.mp3
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This week, the podcast travels to Trader Sams.

Direct download: 01_TSC001.mp3
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TDC #386: New Ships, Podcasting News

Lisa shares her information and enthusiasm about the new ships coming to Disney Cruise Line, and the Cats talk about recent changes in the Disney podcast scene. Also, Jennifer plugs her two panels at Anime Boston 2016.

Direct download: TDC385-new-ships-032316.mp3
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This week, we talk the recent Disneyland 60th EXTRAVAGANZA.

Direct download: 382_TDC382_The_Disneyland_60th_Anniverary_Special_Review.mp3
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This week, Lisa shares her review and recommendations from Basin at WDW’s Grand Floridian. 

Direct download: 381_TDC_381_Bath_Bombs.mp3
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TDC #379: Spirit of Aloha

Lisa and Jennifer review the Spirit of Aloha dinner show at Disney's Polynesian Resort.

Direct download: TDC379-aloha-021016.mp3
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TDC #377: Magic Behind Our Steam Trains

Jennifer reviews the Magic Kingdom backstage tour, "The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains."

Direct download: TDC377-steam-trains-012716.mp3
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Jennifer and Lisa are together, poolside, at Art of Animation talking about Jennifer’s recent “Lunch With An Imagineer” event. And we have audio from the new Symphony In The Sky fireworks from DHS.

Direct download: TDC376.mp3
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The Cats finish out the year with a last minute discussion of odds and ends around the upcoming WDW trip ad things from Lisa’s recent cruise.


Look for us at Port Orleans Riverside, Thursday January 7, 2016 at the River Roost bar to enjoy Yeeha Bob in all his glory - we will be there around 7ish, so join us for this informal meet up! Bob’s shows tend to be SRO, so get there early-isn to find a chair, light apps are served in the bar area and the POR food court is really good if you want to pick something up and sit down. Bob’s shows and this area are family friendly, he usually starts about 8pm is and plays 2 sets.


We will be taking a bye for 2 weeks and see you all again 1/20/2016.


Thanks to the guys at WDW Today for their work over the years and for the endless hours of entertainment and advice they have given to us. Each one of you is special and awesome and Jennifer and I both have such great memories of all of you (whether you actually know this - or who we are! - at all). Your tireless production over the last 10 years inspires us. You guys will be missed. Please come over here any old time. Except Matt. ;-)

Direct download: 375_TDC375_Odds__Ends.mp3
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This week, Jennifer tells Lisa why she loves Jessica Jones


***rated the show explicit due to themes discussed, but in the end, there wasn’t anything wild that we actually said***


That’s what she said


Lisa is going to see Star Wars they night I am posting this. 


WHY NEWELL????? WHY???????? RIP WDWTODAY 1.0 :(

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TDC #373: The Good Dinosaur

Lisa reports back on The Good Dinosaur. Can she convince Jennifer to see it?

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