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We review the movie Black Panther, and resolve the first two brackets of our Tournament of Parades

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This month, The Cats discuss Star Wars:TLJ (spoilers!), Lisa’s recent Disneyland trip and plans for a future tournament!


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More ways to buy Disney handbags! And sell them too! Our friend Jill joins us to share her expertise.

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This week, Jennifer & Lisa have a show schedule announcement and we talk all about Coco!



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We talk about the announcement that Niantic (the company behind Pokemon Go) will be releasing another augmented reality game, themed to Harry Potter. Should Disney get in on the ARG scene too?

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This week, Lisa goes on about all the ways she would have improved upon Thor: Ragnarok, but also tries to get Jennifer to go see it in the movie theater. An unexpected interruption cuts the show short, but Jennifer comes back to tell about delicious Blaze pizza and the newly polished, if not terribly Disney, Disney Springs!

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Jennifer tells Lisa about the rest of her trip to Walt Disney World in October 2017, including Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and  Return to Sleepy Hollow, a special event at Fort Wilderness.

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What five Disney Parks attractions would you list for a potential spouse, to explain who you are?

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This week, Jennifer, Lisa & Michelle from the Mitten are sitting on the floor of a room at AKL discussing their day at Animal Kingdom!


(Recorded on Lisa’s iPhone - apologies for the audio!)

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This week, pal Michelle (from the Mitten) joins us as we discuss meeting up IRL next week at WDW!

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