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This week, Lisa wonders why the WDFM is in San Francisco and the Cats discuss the GA finale

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This week, Lis is watching that wedding show that came out a week ago on Freeform TV (aka Disney Family channel), and she has a few things to say, but does try to keep it short.

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This week, Lisa has topics that seem related to her. One, the beginning of the onslaught of “Pandora Land” soft/media openings AND she wants to tell you all about her first colonoscopy. All about it. #sorry

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We talk about two things Jennifer has a love/hate relationship with: Grey's Anatomy, and the Disney Store online

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Constantine and Greg join Jennifer to talk about Great Moments in History . . . but only the American parts, with the Muppets.

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Lisa's been watching Bunk'd. We discuss.

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This week, we discuss the recent Beauty & The Beast and try to decide what constitutes an EGM.

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This week is the beginning of April adjacent show.... enjoy this Tiki Room binaural experience!



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We discuss the pending update to the Hall of Presidents, napping options in the Magic Kingdom, and the uncanny valley of country music.

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This week, we recap Jennifer’s race last weekend and Lisa complains in detail about Grey’s Anatomy. Also, you should totally watch Grace & Frankie.



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