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This week, the Cats start off with the realization that “Little Egypt” was a person, Pokemon is still a thing in our lives and then try to decide if we do or do not have D23 FOMO.


**** The beginning of this recording is very glitchy but it settles in soon - hang in there!**


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Greg joins us to talk about character meets we'd like to see. Also: EXTRA PUG NOISES

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This week, the Cats discuss a couple of recent park announcements.

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This week, Jennifer and Lisa take a second stab at discussing the recent article in the Orlando Sentinel, in which a guest columnists posits that the Orlando United rainbow flag flying around town is scaring away tourists........

I say second stab because we recorded this once and we had a media malfunction!!!!

We have thoughts.

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Lisa reviews the relatively new movie, Cars 3. Is it okay that they made this?

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This week, we are talking about recent movies!

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This week, Stephanie shares a bit about planning and visiting both Shanghai and Hong Kong’s Disney gates last month!

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We talk about a bunch of free-association topics, mostly Disney, starting with the Great Movie Ride's worst scene. There is some explicit language and mention of upsetting topics.

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This week, Lisa wonders why the WDFM is in San Francisco and the Cats discuss the GA finale

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This week, Lis is watching that wedding show that came out a week ago on Freeform TV (aka Disney Family channel), and she has a few things to say, but does try to keep it short.

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